Thursday, September 22, 2011

Changes Again

               Sharil and I have had many emotional “ups and downs” during the last few months.  We knew the day of our departure was, if not at hand, coming soon.  We both have spent much time in prayer, seeking an answer from God.  God finally gave us the “peace” of knowing we were retiring, and eventually we had a date.  (I am not sure God chose the actual date, as it is our Fifth Anniversary here at Fundamental Baptist Church.)
               The time has come for our reflection over accomplishments and disappointments.  In my heart, the accomplishments are many and the disappointments are few.  God has allowed our building’s exterior to be completed.  In my Introduction Article five years ago, I stated I wanted to follow the direction Bro Tom Lewis had set before me.  I am not certain that he would have agreed on the metal siding; however, it certainly beautifies the building, and our surrounding community.
               I also want to thank you, The Community of Wellington, who convicted by God, helped us physically and financially.  Without you, we could not have completed our Building.
               Through prayer, The New Testament Church Planters contacted us to help.  The added support of Central Baptist Church in Amarillo, (Pastor Gerrald Chadwick and 16 of his Churchmen) came on our first Work Saturday and gave us a huge start on the building.
               I also want to thank the “Wellington Leader” for accepting “Fundamental Thoughts” as a regular feature.
               Last, but not least, I want to thank the members of Fundamental Baptist Church for responding to God, and calling me to this Church.  (I know my tenure isn’t as long as some, however, much longer than many.)  As Pastor, I have grown to love this Church (you the people.)  Sharil and I will miss the fellowship, the dinners on the ground, and the camaraderie of “Our Church Family.”

Bro John R. E Chastain
Retiring Pastor
Fundamental Baptist Church
Wellington, Texas

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